The second WHO Africa Health Forum

The Africa Health Business team led by our chairman Dr. Amit Thakker and director Marloes Kibacha met with the Ministry of Health and the private sector representatives in Cape Verde on the side-lines of the recently held World Health Organization – Africa Health Forum. The main aim of the meeting was to elaborate on strengthening the unification of the private health sector in the country as to ease and promote Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) in health.

By establishing and maintain a strong national PPD between both the public and private sector the various stakeholders can jointly work together to create an enabling environment for the private sector in health to thrive and support the government to improve the accessibility, affordability, and quality of health services at country-level.

The second World Health Organization (WHO) Africa Health Forum took place on 26th -28th March 2019 in Praia, Cape Verde. At the Forum, Dr. Thakker was a panellist on private sector engagement for Universal Health Coverage: Getting to evidence-based action. ‘’The private sector should do better in understanding how the public sector works and vice-versa. There is a need for a trust model that is a two-way road and we all must understand’’ Dr. Thakker stated.

A report launched by WHO at the forum indicated that Non-Communicable Diseases are the largest cause of productivity losses in the African Region. Head of WHO -Africa, Dr. Moeti highlighted that countries must invest adequately in the development of resilient national and local health systems.

Africa’s economies will continue to suffer unless the governments ramp up spending on health. As we encourage the private sector to bridge some of the health gaps, basic primary care should be the responsibility of governments and we must invest from the outset. All is far from lost for Africa; we are moving in the right direction. There is progress towards achieving Universal Health Care on the continent.

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