Prof. Beckie Nnenna Tagbo

Director of Institute of Molecular Medicine & Infectious Diseases, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria

Prof. Beckie has a vast experience in surveillance, research, policy, consultation, special assignments, public health, vaccine clinical trial, immunization programme implementation, training, advocacy, and advisory committees. She is the chief editor of the 16-author pediatric textbook titled “A Quick Glance at Paediatrics”. She has published many papers in both local and international high-impact factor medical journals.


Prof. Beckie pioneered WHO AFRO / FED GOVT Rotavirus surveillance research for the first time in Nigeria in 2010 and thus headed the team that placed Nigeria on the World Health Organization global map of rotavirus reporting countries of the world to WHO global headquarters in 2010.


She is a site coordinator for WHO AFRO rotavirus, intussusception, and paediatric bacterial meningitis sentinel surveillance in Nigeria. She is also a principal investigator for several studies in infectious diseases and a consultant to the WHO headquarters in Geneva.


She is a member of WHO, global advisory committee on vaccine safety (GACVS) sub-committee on nOPV2 (novel oral polio vaccine type 2) safety and is also the chair of the WHO African Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (AACVS).


Prof. Beckie is also a member of the African Centre for Disease Control expert committee for the development of the Pan-African antimicrobial standard treatment guidelines for common infections and syndromes in paediatric patients, a fellow & life member of the West African College of Physicians (FWACP), in the faculty of paediatric.


She is the head of the paediatric association of Nigeria advisory committee on immunization and a member of the national ministerial blueprint committee on routine immunization.