Dr. Torooti Mwirigi

Dr. Torooti Mwirigi

Commercial Director CarePay Limited

Dr. Torooti Mwirigi is currently the commercial Director and Agile Coach at Carepay where he was the lead in developing and rolling out the M-TIBA platform to users. M-TIBA is a service on your mobile phone that allows you to set funds aside for healthcare.



Dr. Mwirigi has worked in both public and private healthcare facilities for 10 years (BAT (K) clinic, Meridian Equator Hospital), the health insurance industry (Resolution Insurance and AAR Insurance), Healthcare technology companies (Ask A Doc, EMED solutions, My health Kenya and Carepay) as well as Healthcare NGO’s (PharmAccess Foundation).From the immense experience he has gained, he has broadened his understanding on the complexity of improving quality of healthcare and the need to work with multiple partners to achieve this.



Dr. Mwirigi is an MBA holder from Strathmore Business School. He has a Bachelor Degree in Medicine and Surgery from University of Nairobi and a Diploma in Information Systems from Strathmore University.