Dr. Sadia

Dr. Christine Sadia

National Chairperson, Kenya Medical Women's Association

Dr. Christine Sadia is a Dental Surgeon and Public Health Expert with a Doctorate in Public Health (focus in Policy, Health and Innovations and Gender and Health). She has a vast and rich over 30-year career working at country, regional and global levels. She has influenced global advocacy on women’s development and participated in issues relating to human rights, gender inequality and sustainable development.


She has occupied many leadership positions and received several awards and accolades. She is a founder of several national and regional women’s professional associations and networks. Currently, a member of the WHO Africa Region – Family, Reproductive Health – Technical Advisory Group (FRH-TAG). She was involved in the formation of the First Ladies of Africa Initiatives on HIV/AIDS. and ardent believer in women’s empowerment, nurturing talents of young women and intergenerational learning and mentorship.


She has passionately championed gender equality which led her to leading the delegation of Christian Women from Africa to the World Women’s Conference in Beijing as a young Executive Secretary – All Africa Conference of Churches. Her proven accountable governance has seen her support several Boards and Organisations. She has (i) A deep analytical capacity and refreshing intellectual curiosity (ii) An independence of thought and bold eloquence on her subject matter and indefatigable personal drive in any endeavour she undertakes no matter how challenging it may be. Due to her openness and team spirit, she has been able to work with persons of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds in assisting to bring fresh perspectives to development and networks.