Day 1
07 Oct 2018
Day 2
08 Oct 2018
Day 3
09 Oct 2018

Session 1: 360 degree perspective on Achieving UHC

Insights from key stakeholder groups on pathways to UHC.

Session 2 : Aligning National Priorities Towards Accelerating UHC

Best Practices to achieve UHC: Overcoming barriers African Governments Face.

Session 3: Unlocking Investments for Growth

Navigating challenges private sector companies face when scaling health solutions in Africa.

Session 4: New Frontiers for Supply Chain Management

Innovative solutions to address regulatory barriers in the pharma sector.

Keynote address: Envisioning UHC for Africa

Key learnings from global health luminaries on the achievement of UHC.

Session 5: Health PPPs in Practice

Interesting case studies from across the continent.

Session 6: Does the Frontline Produce the Bottom Line?

Leveraging the private sector to build the right HR capacity.

Session 7: The Future of Healthcare: The Digital Promise

How can AI, big data and blockchain create better health for all.