Africa Healthcare federation launched at the inaugural Africa Health Business Symposium

On 7th October 2016, before the closure of the inaugural Africa Health Business Symposium, the Guest Ministers, VIPs and delegates were witness to a historic moment during which healthcare leaders from all 5 regions of Africa – the Northern, Southern, Central, Western and Eastern joined hands to pledge their commitment towards a joint entity that unites the regional private health sectors of Africa, the Africa Healthcare Federation (AHF). A Communique that reiterated their leadership role towards the development of AHF was signed, and the Africa Health Federation logo was unveiled. With this, AHBS marked the official launch of the Africa Healthcare Federation which will advocate, mentor, collaborate and unify the private health sector of Africa so as to ensure the scaling up and strengthening of health systems, spurring greater investments as well as development of affordable, accessible and quality healthcare delivery across the continent, thereby rising Africa to global standards.


[L-R] Dr. Ramesh Bholla (Southern Africa), Dr. Ardo Boubou Ba (Western Africa), Dr. Amit N. Thakker (Chairman, AHF and Africa Health Business), H.E. Dr. Mustapha Siddiqi Kaloko (Commissioner of Social Services, African Union), Dr. Ian Clarke (Eastern Africa), Dr. Jean Daniel Ovaga (Central Africa), Dr. Hatem El Gabaly (Northern Africa) at the launch of the Africa Health Federation as healthcare leaders from the 5 regions of Africa unite to pledge their commitment by signing of a communiqué.


This symposium indeed proved to be a platform for intra-regional discussion and was well represented by partners from the public health sector, private health sector as well as development partners providing for an all-inclusive dialogue, as well as strengthening of public-private partnerships. In collaboration with all the key players, it was decided that AHBS 2017 will take place in Dakar, Senegal in the Western region of Africa.

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