Minister of Health, Senegal, H.E. Aww Marie Coll-Seck was awarded the Best Minister title at the World Government Summit in Dubai by the Vice President of Dubai for her role in the fight against the Ebola epidemic.

The Health minister received her award from the hands of the vice president of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al-Maktoum.

Chosen from among eight candidates,Senegal’s health minister has been hailed for “its role in the fight against Ebola, through programmes of prevention and information”.

Coming from the South of Guinea in December 2013, Ebola virus” has caused at least 11.315 dead for 28.637 cases identified, according to the WHO.

The victims were concentrated at more than 99% in three neighboring countries: Guinea , Sierra Leone and Liberia.

The WHO has formally announced in January 2016 the end of the epidemic in West Africa, with the end of the transmission in Liberia. New fatal cases were however identified in March last year in Guinea.

Source: Africa News

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