Incentives for Investments in Kenya Big 4 Agenda; to support accessibility of UHC

Dr Amit N. Thakker was a panellist at the 3rd Annual Kenya Trade and Investment Summit took place on 4th -5th April in Johannesburg South Africa.

The key focus of the summit was to draw interest on Kenya’s Big Four Agenda, and to encourage the South African private sector to invest in manufacturing, universal healthcare, affordable housing, and food security.

The Kenyan Trade and Investment Summit aims to achieve the below objectives:

 1) Provide a forum for Government-to-Government, Business-to-Government and Business-to-Business engagement.

 2) Enhance exposure of trade and investment opportunities available in Kenya.

3) Encourage South African companies to explore ways in which they could collaborate with Kenyan companies to exploit investment opportunities.

 4) Urge South African investors to venture into the identified sectors e.g. Manufacturing, Agro-processing, Health care and real estate industry

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