• Skylight Hotel, Addis Ababa.
  • Address: Bole road – found to your left of the roundabout right as you leave the airport
  • Phone: +251 11 681 8181
Africa Healthcare Federation Summit, 7 th October 2019: Skylight Hotel 8:00am to 5:30pm.
Africa Health Business Symposium, 8th and 9th October 2018: Skylight Hotel
The conference facilities will be air-conditioned. Do bear this in mind when planning for your comfort.
Delegates are required to have a passport and valid visa while travelling to Ethiopia.Participants’ passport must be valid for 6 months past the date of their return date to their home country.If necessary, participants will need to renew their passports prior to departure to meet this requirement. We highly recommend that the delegate reaches out to the Ethiopian Embassy or Consulate in their respective countries or travel agent to get clarity on whether they need visa to travel to Ethiopia or they are exempted.A valid yellow fever certificate is also a mandatory
requirement before travelling to Ethiopia.
Visa Letters
For purposes of on-arrival visa applications, should you still require a visa letter from AHBS, please contact us at your
earliest. If you have already received a visa letter from us, kindly confirm that your names and other information is
correct as reflected on your passport.
Please Note:
Africa Health Business is providing visa letters to registered delegates that will be attending the
symposium in October 2019.
Yellow Fever Vaccination
A yellow fever vaccination is a requirement for entry to Ethiopia if you are travelling from infected areas. Please
ensure that you have your yellow fever vaccination card and medical insurance cover before travelling to Addis Ababa.
Mobile Phones
The Ethiopia country dialing code is +251. Long distance calls can be made in Ethiopia using the correct country code. Many hotels, lodges and guest houses offer direct dialing facilities. Ethiopia has the Ethio-Telecom mobile operators. SIM cards can be purchased at most hotels and airport.
It is advisable to keep your money and passport in the hotel room safe and best not to carry any valuables on the street. Addis Ababa is a big city. This said it is highly advisable that you exercise caution when walking at night.
The unit of currency is the Ethiopia is Birr, denoted by the symbol ETB. Coins are available in denominations of 5c,10c, 50c, 1 Birr, and notes in denominations of Birr 5, 10, 50, and 100. Your foreign currency can be exchanged at most local banks and Bureau de Change. There are many banks and ATM’s all around Ethiopia, including airports and hotels.
1 USD = 28 Birr
April is the hottest month in Addis Ababa with an average temperature of 68°F (20°C) and the coldest is December at 61°F (16°C).
The official language in Ethiopia is Amharic, but English if widely used for business. The symposium will be in English, with provision for devices with French translation services on a need basis.
Electrical Gadgets
Electricity in Ethiopia runs on 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz and the sockets are adapted to take round or flat pinned plugs. Plugs have 2 round pins.
The hotel will provide Wi-Fi at the conference hall and exhibition areas for delegates to use while attending the symposium.
Please reach out to the below should you require any assistance in regard to:
1. Sponsorship and Partnerships Matters
Name: Mr. Nishit Shah
Email: nshah@ahb.co.ke
WhatsApp number +254 733 799 062
2. Logistical matters (accommodation/travel)
Name: Ms. Liz Otaye
Email:  lotaye@ahb.co.ke
WhatsApp Number:  +254 716 341 587
Name: Mrs. Puja Tank
Email: ptank@khf.co.ke
WhatsApp Number: +254 721 533 730
3. Programmatic/Speaker role matters
Name: Mrs. Marloes Kibacha
Email: mkibacha@ahb.co.ke
WhatsApp Number: +254 724 360 840
Name: Ms. Joan Kwereba
Email: jkwereba@ahb.co.ke
WhatsApp Number: +254 704 835 926

Bole International Airport is located about a 5 minute drive from the Skylight Hotel. The Skylight Hotel provides free shuttles that run every 15 minutes. Taxis are also available at the hotel; if requiring a taxi, it is highly recommended that you organise for your taxi/shuttle service with the respective hotel that you will be staying at.
Kindly make direct bookings on our website www.africahealthbusiness.com to get access to the negotiated quotes for the symposium.
  • The daily rates for the hotels was negotiated based on the AHBS symposium. It’s inclusive of breakfast.
Please collect your badges for the delegates who have already registered at the below designated areas;
6th October – Registration opens from 12:00pm to 3:00pm at the general reception area at Skylight Hotel.
7th October – Registration opens from 7:30am onwards at Skylight Hotel
8th October – Registration opens from 7:30am onwards at Skylight Hotel
9th October – Registration opens from 7:30am onwards outside at Skylight Hotel
We request all speakers to avail themselves at designated VIP-Speaker holding room half an hour prior to their respective sessions. The location of the holding room will be announced to you at the event.

We request for permission to share your presentation material on our post-symposium report and website (PDF). Please feel free to write to us directly on email in case you wouldn’t wish your presentation to be used and shared publicly on events@ahb.co.ke
Attached please find the conference program for your reference. The symposium website is www.africahealthbusiness.com
For live updates leading up to AHBS III, follow us on: