CEO Global Pvt. Ltd., a South African business management company organized an Award ceremony during September, 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya, to recognize and celebrate Africa’s most influential leaders. Having received over 4000 nominations across the various sectors across the continent, Dr. Amit N. Thakker, Africa Health Business Ltd. Chairman was awarded the Regional & Country Winner for his leadership, strategic vision and exceptional contribution in the African Business sector by Titans: Building Nations, an initiative by CEO Global Ltd.

Also featured in Titans Regional Digital Magazine 2017, the annual publication of Titans: Building Nations showcasing the leading movers and disruptors on the continent, award winners are selected via a peer driven nomination process and a stringent multi-tier judging process identifying outstanding leaders in every region across the continent.

CEO Global (Pvt) Limited runs two key programs at country, regional and continental level, namely: Most influential Women in Business and Government, and Titans: Building Nations programs for women and men respectively. These programs present a recognition platform to celebrate strides made by business and government in all realms of transformation, as well as to recognize the men and women who play a major role in the development and growth of their country and ultimately the continent. The program covers 23 economic sectors and has for the past seventeen years independently recognized those leaders who are at the pinnacle of their industry across Africa. It offers a platform to share success in this regard and challenge readers to consider the vital implication of transformation for themselves.

CEO Magazine, a business management magazine launched by CEO Global, focuses on organizational excellence across all sectors. It stimulates thinking and shifts paradigms, assisting others to benchmark against similar players. It is a total resource from which to base the search for excellence in the business world.

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