Intergrating Africa: Bridging the Health Gap


Celebrating Our Progress: Building more Bridges

The opening of the first Africa Healthcare Federation (AHF) Summit coloured the first day prior to the start of the Africa Health Business Symposium IV.The Summit lauded the progress that had been made, while also determining a way forward for public and private partnerships in health around the African continent.As a way forward the summit looked at integration: integrating regions, integrating sectors, and integrating systems across the continent.

The Africa Health Business Symposium, under the theme: Integrating Africa: Bridging the Health Gap focused on private healthcare related firms and their relationships with governments in Africa.Among the key discussion points at the symposium where : universal health coverage, moving from curative to preventive treatment, the menace of counterfeit medication, challenges of trading within Africa, digital health, among other key health related issues affecting the continent.

The symposium kicked off with a welcome address from Dr. Lia Tadesse, Minister for Health, Ethiopia.

On her opening speech she noted that it was wonderful to hear that more than 50 countries and 80 organizations were represented in the symposium. She further explained that many countries had started creating effective organizational structures in the form of associations of private sector organizations in order to engage effectively and productively with the government.

After welcoming the delegates she added that it was a pleasure that Ethiopia had created the Ethiopia Healthcare Federation to show change through the platform.

We are committed to working with the private sector to accelerate UHC, especially in tertiary care, high impact private health interventions, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Lia Tadesse

H.E. Amira Elfadil, Commissioner of Social Affairs, African Union, in her speech expounded on the role  of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement in the formation of one Africa.She also spoke about the importance of healthcare federations in driving this agenda.

Private sector organizations, please work with us, rather than in parallel or contradictory initiatives. If we all work together, we can create a healthier, happier, more successful Africa.”