AHBS I: 6th - 7th October 2016, Nairobi, Kenya

The inaugural Africa Health Business Symposium under the theme of: “Growing the Business of Health in Africa was linked to the 5 key “Game Changers” in Health in Africa: Healthcare Financing, Human Resource for Health, Fostering Investments, Supplychain Management and Digital Technologies.

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Transforming PPPs for Health in Africa


Dr. Cleopa Mailu,former Minister of Health, Kenya, noted that Kenya had set the pace in public-private dialogue through Minister Stakeholder Forums (MSF)which allows an open and frank dialogue between the Ministry of Health and the unified private health sector in Kenya (Kenya Healthcare Federation). He pointed out that the government’s impact had been tremendously augmented by the wider private sector. Hence, was convinced that AHBS will not only generate issues but also discover solutions and deepen public private sector engagement in health and pursue these very social sector concerns while doing business in health more responsibly.

Growing the Business of Health in Africa

Healthcare demands in Africa are changing and healthcare systems are at a turning point. The reforms that governments undertake over the next decade will be crucial in improving overall health in the continent.
There has been a paradigm shift in the relationship between public and private sector over the past years in Africa. This enhanced dialogue progress has created a positive trend in enhancing Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s) in health on the continent.

The countries in the regions that share cultures, traditions and challenges have federated to jointly combat the high burden of disease within it’s own boundaries by sharing knowledge and resources to improve overall health for its citizens. 

The aim of the Africa Health Business Symposium is to provide a platform for an intra-regional discussion so as to further strengthen the roles played by the private health sector, the public health sector and development partners. Fostering these relationships will play a major role in promoting the PPP dialogue within the regions and countries through the regional unification of private health sectors under a single umbrella – Africa Healthcare Federation.