About Us

‘If you want to go quickly, go alone. if you want to go far, go together.’

(Old African Proverb)

Africa Health Business is a platform for intra-regional discussion to strengthen the roles played by both private and public health sectors with support from development partners to promote an effective PPP dialogue within countries. The AHBS 2016 will play a pivotal role in the beginning of a momentous change by unifying African countries under a single umbrella – the Africa Healthcare Federation towards overcoming challenges and achieving mutual far-reaching outcomes.

AHBS events are planned and organised by Africa Health Business Ltd (AHBL), a registered company in Kenya that consists of experts from the health and business sector that have united strengths to significantly improve the development of the (private) healthcare sector on the African continent.

Our Vision

Africa Health Business will become an internationally recognised and integrated organisation driving change in Africa’s healthcare systems. 

Our Mission

To be the largest healthcare event organiser in Africa that will stimulate the business of healthcare on the continent, driving change and improvement in health indicators for all Africans.


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