Africa Healthcare Business Symposium (AHBS)

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On November 6 & 7, AHBS II themed "Transforming PPPs for Health in Africa will be hosted in Dakar, Senegal. This will focus on connecting the 5 “Game Changers” of health in Africa (healthcare financing, supply chain management, human resources for health, digital technologies and fostering investments) and to the strengthening of PPPs on the continent for better collaboration and health outcomes in Africa. promotes management, leadership, winning practices and cross collaboration in healthcare. From value-based healthcare to risk management, personnel to the implications of Artificial Intelligence, the challenges facing to care continuum to the future of healthcare, our team of editors and journalists bring you the latest management news and viewpoints from leading voices. Subscribe to journal and newsletters for the latest management and leadership perspectives from prominent thought leaders across healthcare.


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Travel Partners

Ethiopian Airlines has offered a 15% discount on Business Class and 10% on Business Class tickets for this event. Please use the code AHB17  on the Ethiopian Airlines website, or simple click here to book pre-discounted fares.

Kenya Airways  has offered a 15% discount on Business Class and Economy Class tickets for this event. Please use this letter at your nearest KQ sales office when making reservations to benefit from these discounts.





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