Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want

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“Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want” is a global health policy commitment devised by the African Union Commission to outline the developmental vision of the continent over the coming few decades. The commitment includes a policy framework, the Africa Health Strategy (AHS) 2016-2030, that aims to build an effective, African-driven response to reduce the burden of disease through strengthened health systems, scaled-up health interventions, inter-sectoral action and empowered communities.

“Health is a productive sector; investing in health brings positive economic returns” ~AHS 2016-2030

To name a few, the strategic approaches in achieving the objectives outlined in the AHS 2016-2013 emphasize on:

• Ensuring strong leadership and good governance to champion its implementation

• Establishing effective accountability

• Forging multi- sectoral partnerships to address the socio-economic & environmental determinants of health Improving inter-country collaboration to achieve efficiencies

• Strengthening national health systems to enable achievement of universal health coverage (UHC)

• Substantially increasing funding for health

• Expanding social protection to address equity

• Prioritizing human resources for health

• Building the regulatory environment for provision of quality medicines, technologies & research

Africa Health Business Symposium has partnered with the African Union by providing a platform for collaborative initiatives to address these challenges and to take leadership in assisting healthcare stakeholders in carrying forth the developmental vision formulated in the AHF 2016-2030.

This year the second inaugural Africa Health Business Symposium tightens its commitment to an all-inclusive dialogue by convening in the West African region so as strategize on “Transforming PPPs for Health in Africa”. Dr. Ardo Boubou Ba, who serves as the President of the West African Private Health Sector Federation, President of the Alliance of the Private Sector of Health- Senegal, as well as a Director at the Africa Healthcare Federation takes this opportunity to personally extend an invitation for AHBS II being held in King Fahd Palace Hotel, Dakar, Senegal from 6th-7th November, 2017.

“Financing the development of the African health sector for improved outcomes remains a burning issue since over 20 years now. The time has come to reduce dependence on external sources and implement alternate, innovative solutions that provide far-reaching and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Public-private partnerships, if well managed, can achieve wider coverage of long-term health objectives. We are delighted to host the upcoming Africa Health Business Symposium in Dakar this year.

We believe this will bring our continent closer, and will lay the ground work for strong future partnerships, especially with the West African region which often tends to be neglected. We warmly welcome you to Dakar this November, and look forward to the future that we can build together"  Dr. Ardo BouBou Ba, President, West Africa Healthcare Federation.


We are excited to continue on this journey to raise the African health sector to global standards through regional integration. The Africa Health Business Team is proud to announce the continued partnership with leading health players on the continent for this event - QuintilesIMS and Nutirica. 

QuintilesIMS offers innovative, technological solutions to drive healthcare forward by improving patient outcomes. It has been named by Fortune Magazine on the list of the “World’s Most Admired Companies” for its quality of management and value as a long-term investment.

Nutricia plays a key role in solving health challenges through the nutritional management of diseases, disorders, and medical conditions. Nutricia develops advanced nutrition programs backed by the expert team of researchers.

Similarly, several leading corporates within Africa have joined in this significant effort to re-instate their role in the progress of the continent. This November, Captains of the Health Industry will unite again at AHBS II to strategize on “Transforming PPPs for Health in Africa”

We warmly welcome interested companies and organisations to explore partnership opportunities for AHBS II.

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