Visitors Programme

26 - 29 September 2017

A 3-day programme for decision-makers in international, national, regional and local healthcare.

The International Visitors Programme allows decision-makers in healthcare to visit and share knowledge with health stakeholders in the Netherlands.

Visitors enjoy the opportunity to meet fellow professionals who share the same passion and face similar challenges in healthcare. Compare policies and procedures, structures, solutions and opportunities for partnerships to foster improvement. 

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AHBS II: Transforming PPPs for Health in Africa

6-7 November 2017, Dakar, Senegal

In several African countries, reform programs are being carried out to foster Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and to build systems that will encourage investments, growth and improvement in the private healthcare sector. An increased number of African countries are now following this path, but there are challenges in the process, in trying to meet the goals and objectives of both public and private sector players.

World of Health Care and Task Force Health Care are proud to be strategic partners for the Africa Health Business Symposium set to take place in Dakar from 6-7 November 2017, which will focus on connecting the 5 “Game Changers” of health in Africa (healthcare financing, supply chain management, human resources for health, digital technologies and fostering investments) to the strengthening of PPPs on the continent, so that collaboration between public and private sector in PPPs for health will result in better health outcomes in Africa.

Delegates from Ministries of Health, Development Partners and Captains of the Industry will converge to propel forward effective and true partnerships that lead to transformative and far-reaching impact in the health sector of the continent. We invite you to join us in this pioneering journey – JOIN US and REGISTER NOW for the limited slots available.