The big 5 “game changers” for Africa Health will be featured at AHBS

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The AHBS, EAHF and McKinsey team with the supporting partners have clearly outlined the top five areas that will need to be urgently addressed by the health leadership in Africa to enable better health on the Continent.

EAHF provides the boost to form AHF at the recently concluded conference in Kampala


The East Africa private health sector is excited to welcome the wider African continent to take the first steps towards a unified private healthcare sector in Africa: Africa Healthcare Federation.  The inaugural Africa Healthcare Business Symposium 2016 was announced at the recently held East Africa Healthcare Federation (EAHF) 2016 Conference held in Kampala, Uganda and was received with great enthusiasm and excitement by all EA health leaders present.

Pictured: EAHF Board - Dr. Peter Kamunyo (Kenya), Dr. Dawit Haillu (Ethiopia), Dr. Ian Clarke (Uganda), Dr. Jean Nyirinkwaya (Rwanda), Dr. Mayen Mayen (South Sudan), Dr. Gerard Ngendahimana (Rwanda), Dr. Kaushik Rammaiya (Tanzania), Dr. Amit N. Thakker (Kenya), Dr. Francis Oromo (South Sudan) and Dr. Nazir Arab (Tanzania)

The Africa Health Business Symposium themed “Growing the Business of Health in Africa” takes place in Nairobi, Kenya on 6th and 7th October 2016. The symposium aims at influencing regional integration, promoting pro-growth policies and breaking barriers towards increasing the accessibility and affordability of private healthcare across Africa.

This exclusive Pan-African event will nurture a unique continental health platform that will provide space for open dialogue to discuss and encourage African governments to carry out reform programs that will foster public-private partnerships to create systems that will encourage investments, growth and improvement in the private healthcare sector.

Influential delegates from Ministries of Health, Developmental Partners and Captains of the Industry will converge to further propel effective and true partnerships for better health in Africa. If you do want to make a difference in this wonderful continent, Africa – JOIN US and REGISTER NOW for the limited slots available.



As an avid reader we extend this exclusive opportunity to be a part of this summit. 

Registration for any 1 day - $175

Registration for both days - $250


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Marloes Bosker - Kibacha

Conference Coordinator