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Following the success of the inaugural Africa Health Business Symposium, we are proud to announce the 2nd edition of AHBS, themed "Transforming PPPs for Health in Africa" will take place in Dakar, Senegal from 6th - 7th November 2017.

The African continent is experiencing steady economic growth with an expected household consumption growth and business spending is expected to grow from USD 2.6 trillion in 2015 to USD 3.5 trillion by 2025.

The impact that such growth has on health sector is that a growing urban middle class is willing to pay for better healthcare treatment, thus widening the door to the private sector which is starting to play a vibrant role, often working in partnership with donors and governments to provide better healthcare and increase the access to medicines at an affordable price not only for the higher income population but also for Africa’s lower income citizens.

Substantial investments are needed to meet the growing demand, largely from low and middle income households which compromise 70% of Africa’s purchasing power. African governments alone can not meet the growing demand for better healthcare services and are becoming more interested in partnering with the private sector to grow and improve healthcare systems in their countries and regions.

In several African countries, reform programs are carried out that will foster Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and to create systems that will encourage investments, growth and improvement in the private healthcare sector. An increased number of African countries are following this path, but there are challenges in the process, trying to meet the goals and objectives of both public and private sector players.

The theme of AHBS 2017 is “Transforming PPPs for Health in Africa”, and focuses on connecting the 5 “Game Changers” of health in Africa (healthcare financing, supply chain management, human resources for health, digital technologies and fostering investments) to the strengthening of PPPs on the continent, so that collaboration between public and private sector in PPPs for health will result in better health indicators in Africa.

Delegates from Ministries of Health, Development Partners and Captains of the Industry will converge to further propel effective and true partnerships for better health in Africa. If you do want to make a difference in this wonderful continent, Africa – JOIN US and REGISTER NOW for the limited slots available.


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