Dear reader

I am pleased to inform you that we have linked up with the publishers of African Business Review magazine, to produce an editorial feature on Africa Health Business.

Based around an interview with myself, the article will look at the mission, goals and role of the Africa Health Business and the current trends and industry developments. Following my interview, there is also an opportunity for several of our partners to be profiled, showcasing your business/organisation, activities, services, etc. in the form of a company showcase.

Once published, this special report will also be available via the Africa Health Business website in a digital brochure format as well as being sent back to you in a high resolution PDF document.

African Business Review is an online magazine which is distributed to over 265,000 individual senior industry executives, to view the latest issue you can visit plus check out testimonials for the publication at

There is no cost to be profiled in the magazine. Should you be interested, they may ask your permission to approach key suppliers and vendors to your business to invite them to share in the exposure with an advertisement for their own business.

Please keep in mind that, although we think this might be an interesting opportunity, it is purely an invitation from Africa Health Business to you as one of our partners. There is no obligation and the decision to be profiled or allow the magazine to contact suppliers, is entirely up to you.

Matthew Pepper, Regional Director for the African Business Review magazine is responsible for this special report. If you are interested in this opportunity, you can contact him directly at to make your interest known.

Participation is open to Africa Health Business partners only. I hope you see this as a good opportunity to promote the industry and your business/organisation.

Kind regards


Dr. Amit N. Thakker

Chairman, Africa Health Business