Fostering investment through Public Private Partnerships

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Join us for an insightful and interactive session on  Public Private Partnerships: Fostering investments to explore possible solutions to on developing a win-win situation for Africa, along with our panelists including:


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Dr. Samuel Were

PPP Unit, MoH Kenya


Dr. Githinji Gitahi

Amref Health Africa


Mrs. Daun Fest


Of the total health expenditure of $16.7 billion in 2005, roughly 60 percent—predominantly out-of-pocket payments by individuals—was financed by private parties, and about 50 percent was captured by private providers (NHA Report)

A huge gap in healthcare delivery is filled by the private sector, catering for a large proportion of medical needs for the rural populations that are unable to access government facilities, to providing a higher quality service, or services such as advanced medical equipment and procedures that may otherwise not be available. This not only reduces the strain on the public sector to serve the needs of the increasing population, but also leads to improved and efficient health outcomes across the region.

PPPs need to be effective in all aspects of healthcare to scale up the investment required to achieve global health goals and universal health coverage and extend beyond the private sector financing of traditional hospital infrastructures. Rising prevalence of chronic diseases, higher life expectancy, and growing expectations for quality health care from rising middle classes in developing countries are contributing to a growing interest in PPPs. Consideration is being given to integrated health networks and the use of technology to expand the vision of care beyond the hospital bed to an entire community around the patient.

Therefore, it is critical, now more than ever, for the public sector to harness on the entrepreneurial talents of the private sector in order to improve access to health care and long-term, sustainable increases in funding and health infrastructure. In turn, collaborating with the public sector can help the private sector in capitalizing on funds and support from local banks. Institutionalized public private partnerships can prove to be a win-win situation for both the public and private sectors, and also create a ripple effect for wider and far-reaching economic outcomes. 

Can institutionalized dialogue for public private partnerships create win-win situations?

‘When appropriately regulated, private sector enterprises can stimulate higher efficiency and quality standards by competing and complement each other as well as providing competition to, public sector providers.’ (IFC, 2016)

The private sector continues to play a pivotal role in improving the health systems in Africa and it is important to strategise on how best to leverage mutual capacities between the private and public sector through investments and partnerships to achieve synergies within the healthcare sector. 


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