How and when will Africa achieve UHC?

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Join us for an insightful and interactive session on  Healthcare Financing: Strategies towards achieving Universal Health Coverage to explore possible solutions to Africa's needs along with our panelists including:


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Universal Health Coverage (UHC) provides for quality healthcare services that are affordable and relieve the customer of financial strains. As opposed to out-of-pocket payments, it does not require immediate payment upon service delivery.

With 2015 as the target year for the MDGs, Africa lags behind in many of the targets due to a lack of Government spending on health with fewer than 10 countries in Africa budgeting at least 15% of their national budget for health as per the Abuja declaration.

Dependency on foreign financial assistance needs to be reduced and the continent needs to lean towards sustainability by focusing on implementing a UHC that has the potential to transform health systems in Africa.

“The most equitable and sustainable way to achieve the health outcomes we all want is through Universal Health Coverage.’’  Jim Yong Kim, World Bank President

The purpose of UHC is to meet population needs for quality healthcare, remove financial barriers to healthcare access, reduce incidence of catastrophic health expenditures, attain national and internationally agreed health goals, and ultimately contribute to poverty alleviation and development. There is evidence that broad health coverage, facilitated by extended risk pooling and prepayment, generally leads to better access to necessary care and improved population health, particularly for poor people.

Achieving UHC and raising sufficient resources to strengthen removed the health systems is a complex process that involves joint decision making among key stakeholders, including governments, development partners, donors, to support policies that promote equity, efficiency and effectiveness’’ within the health system. Through a unified approach, they can help to significantly expand the number of people covered by risk pooling arrangements, with substantial benefits to health care, thereby optimizing resource use and maximizing results.

The underlying question persists: Will investing in UHC really pay off for Africa?


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