Why You Should Participate

The Symposium of Private Health Sector Platforms Cotonou 2019 innovates and unveils from July 10 to 13, 2019, the first technology to treat infectious clinical waste using ozone in the ECOWAS region.

Management of infectious clinical waste is a major concern in our countries and the responsibility of the private health sector is becoming even more important today.

Faced with this common problem, the idea to set up in Cotonou, Benin, a waste treatment plant for infectious clinical waste using OW technology, which is economical and respectful of the environment, was born and grew from there.

Benin's Private Health Sector Platform has forged a strong partnership with one of the world's leading waste management giants for treatment by ozone of:

  • Bags and packaging of infectious clinical waste
  • Human and animal fluids, blood products
  • Pungent and sharp objects
  • Sampling tubes
  • Waste from crops and stocks of infectious agents and associated biological materials
  • Contaminated animal waste / Animal waste
  • Solid household waste
Health professionals, members of platforms and federations, policy makers and business people, users of high temperature furnaces, to better understand the issues presented by infectious clinical waste, to familiarize yourself with this technology for waste treatment through ozonation, and to learn how to partner to replicate in all countries to make your investment profitable, the PSSP-IMPACT + Model will be fully unveiled to you.

To find out more, go to the Symposium of Private Health Sector Platforms Cotonou 2019.

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