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Step Up The Fight: AHB partners with the GlobalFund

On 5th September, along the sidelines of WEF Africa in Cape Town, South Africa The Global Fund to Fight Aids,Tuberculosis and Malaria and to announce its partnership with Africa Health Business increase the private sector engagement in ending HIV,Tuberculosis (TB) and malaria in Africa through advocacy, innovation and resource mobilisation. The partnership aims at bringing together the African Private Sector and Philanthropists to spearhead innovative solutions in fighting the three diseases as well as engaging in public private partnerships ensuring innovations are sustainable and impactful.
(From L-R )1). Carol Kachenga, Global Fund Advocates Network,2). Mark Suzman, President , Global Policy & Advocacy, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,3).Robbie Brozin, Co-Founder Nandos, 4).Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Goodbye Malaria Ambassador,5).Honorable Dr.Zweli Mkhize, Minister of Health, South Africa, 6).Peter Sands, Executive Director, the Global Fund, 7).Nancy Wildfeir, Field, President, GBC Health, 8).Leora Casey, Key Populations Manager, NACOSA, 9).Jonathan Stambolis, CEO, Zenyis, 10).Nishit N. Shah, Director and Co-Founder, Africa Health Business, 11).Maserame Mouyeme, Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability Director for Coca-Cola Southern & East Africa.

AHBS IV: Day 1 Plenary

Organisers and delegates pose for a photo during AHBS III.
With only 20 days left, here are some of the exciting and invigorating discussions we have lined up..

The first day of the Africa Health Business Symposium IV will take place on Tuesday 8th, 2019 a day after the first Africa Healthcare Federation Summit on Monday 7th October. The program of the AHBS is focused on the business of health on the African continent and linked to the overall theme of Integrating Health in Africa: Bridging the Health Gap.
The AHB team has prepared a varied plenary program with knowledgeable health leaders representing the various sub-sectors in Africa’s healthcare space such as the public sector, commercial private sector, civil society, development partners, NGOs, FBOs and investors in health.

Plenary 1: Integrating Health in Africa:

The Role of the Private Sector 8.30 am -10.00 am

Speaker Logos 1
Session Speakers Organizations.
This session will focus on defining and debating the role of the private sector when it comes to the integration and harmonization of health policies and regulations on the African continent.

The session moderator will be Dr. Amit N. Thakker, Chairman AHB.

Plenary 2: Private Sector led Partnerships for Africa

10.30 am -12.00 pm

Session Speakers Organizations.

The session moderator will be Prof. Khama Rogo, Lead Health Specialist, The World Bank.
Dialogue and collaborations can create new innovative approaches to improve health systems, to realize efficiencies that lead to better health outcomes.
In this session, AHBs private health sector partners will present examples of how they improve health in Africa by partnerships that they have established around the continent.
What are the challenges they have faced? What are the opportunities that have arisen and what can the delegates learn from their experiences to realize better health outcomes through partnerships?

Plenary 3: Leveraging AfCTA for seamless

Supply Chain Management 2.00 pm - 3.30 pm

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Session Speakers Organizations.

The Session Moderator will be Dr. Ademola Olajide, Country Representative, UNFPA Kenya.
Currently, only 16% of trade by African countries is with continental neighbours. The recently minted Africa free Continental Trade Area (AfCTA) accord has been received as a “historic” development in Africa’s efforts to integrate and create a continent-wide market.

What is the value of AfCTA on the healthcare sector on the continent, and especially on the medical supply chain? What are barriers that medical supply chain partners currently face and how can opportunities for improvement be leveraged using AfCTA accord.

Plenary 4: Integrating Investments in Health:

Funders and Funded Relationships 3.30 pm – 5.00 pm

Session 4 Logos
Session Speakers Organizations.

The Session Moderator will be Dr. Angela Gichaga, CEO, Financing Alliance for Health.
This session will investigate the creation of sustainability into African health systems by diving into the relationship between health funders and funded.The market-based approaches in health development projects in Africa do not only lead to improved health outcomes but also increase economic development through the creation of new growth opportunities and job creation.

However, investments in health can be risky and from the investors’ perspective be less rewarding compared to other sectors.The speakers in this session will share their experiences and views from both the Funders as Funded perspective with a link to the incentivising role African governments can play.

For a complete overview and more information on the moderators, speakers and panellists click here.

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