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As AHBS III approaches, we are excited to share with you an overview of the core focus areas around UHC that will feature at the symposium. Each session covers a different aspect of what it will take for Africa to come together and achieve UHC.

Session #1: A 360º Perspective of UHC in Africa


Moderator: Dr. Patricia Odero

Regional Director,

Africa Duke Global Health Innovation Centre

The focus will be on what UHC means in the African context. Misconceptions around this term will be discussed in order for the health sector to to come to a shared understanding.

In partnership with African Collaborative for Health Financing Solutions, the panel will include health leaders representing Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Mali, and Ghana.

Session #2 : Aligning National Priorities towards accelerating UHC


Moderator: Prof. Khama Rogo

Lead Health Sector Specialist

The World Bank Group

Unique solutions to challenges facing African governments and what they have experienced in their local context will be discussed.

Ministry of Health officials from across the continent will examine international best practices in achieving UHC in the African context.

Session #3: Unlocking Investments for Growth


Moderator: Dr. Iain Barton

Health Strategy Executive

Imperial Logistics

Unlocking investments to enable growth and scalability for the health sector interventions is critical.

Various agencies and regional bodies will outline strategies tackling obstacles through discussions on financial assistance, packages and models.

Session #4: New Frontiers for Supply Chain Management


Moderator: Ms. Katherine Child


The Times Media Group

The medical supply chain represents the behind-the-scenes view of the health sector. A well-functioning supply chain results in enough equipment, medication, and supplies in the right place at the right time at a reasonable cost.

An experienced health journalist from the South African Times, will explore concrete solutions in the area of regulation, and innovations that can promote affordability of health in Africa.

Session #5: Health PPPs in Practice


Moderator: Dr. Amit N. Thakker


Africa Healthcare Federation

SDG 3 and 17 directly relate to health partnership thats are absolutely essential.

Case studies on health public-private partnerships (PPPs) to spur collaboration with the end goal of quality, affordable healthcare for all will be shared.

Session #6: Does the Frontline Produce the Bottom Line?


Moderator: Dr. Ademola Olajide

Resident Representative


Undoubtedly without an adequate health workforce, the sector will not achieve UHC.

Global experts in HRH will elucidate on leveraging the private sector through training institutions, PPPs, and other interventions to provide a robust, effective, qualified health workforce.

Session #7: The Future of Healthcare: The Digital Promise


Moderator: Mr. Kunle Awosika

Director for SM&C

Microsoft Middle East & Africa

Emerging Markets

Technology offers the opportunity to solve age-old challenges with new and cost-effective innovative solutions.

Luminaries from prominent cutting-edge technology firms will provide insights on how big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain can facilitate informed decision-making to improve overall health.
The 2 day symposium will take place on 8th and 9th October 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa and features a power packed line up of VIPs and speakers, a knowledge and fact based programme focusing on "Achieving UHC in Africa: Stronger Together".


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