Inaugural Africa Health Business Symposium

Growing The Business of Health in Africa

Healthcare demands in Africa are changing. Africa’s healthcare systems are at a turning point and the reforms that governments undertake over the next decade will be crucial in improving overall health in the continent.

A growing urban middle class is willing to pay for better treatment has opened the door to the private sector, which is starting to play a new vibrant role, often working in partnership with donors and governments to provide better healthcare facilities and increased access to medicine at an affordable price.Substantial investment will be needed to meet the growing demand – largely from low and middle-income households, which comprise 70% of Africa’s purchasing power.

At this symposium, clear success stories and opportunities will be shared by experts from both the public and private sector that will effectively promote the growth of the private sector within the continent so as to be the true partner with the public sector in turning around the health indicators towards a Healthier Africa

This symposium will be a platform to learn, network and to promote your business and the program will touch upon the below topics:

  • Healthcare Financing
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • New Trends in Innovation and Technology
  • The Role of Development Partners
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Success stories from the Continent
  • Policy and regulations

The objective of the symposium is to promote the private health sector in Africa and to create partnerships that will increase the accessibility and affordability of healthcare for all Africans.


Event Partners

  • PharmAccess Foundation

Africa Health Partners

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