Africa Men’s Health:
The role of the Private Sector in
Advancing Men’s Health in Africa.

Thursday, 24th November 2022,

Nairobi, Kenya and Online

Symposium Focus

Attention accorded to men’s health globally and in Africa is generally insufficient. The life expectancy (LE) of men over the years has consistently been lower than that of women globally. According to a report published by WHO in 2019, men had a LE of 70.9 years while women had 75.9 years. A similar trend can be seen in Africa which had the lowest LE among all WHO regions at 64.5 years. Additionally, females in Nigeria and in other Sub-Saharan African countries generally live longer than men . Diseases are a major cause of reduced life expectancy for men. 33 out of the 40 leading causes of death globally reduce men’s life expectancy more than that of women. Men in Africa generally suffer from poor health seeking behaviors influenced by inadequate health programs targeting men, cultural beliefs, influence of masculinity, among other reasons, which predisposes them to illness and premature death.

Reducing the burden of morbidity and mortality in men, has potential benefits for women, children, and the society at large. Thus, the effort to improve health must focus on the health needs of both sexes and adjust to the differences between them. Attention to men’s health will be particularly important in tackling the global epidemic of non-communicable diseases, which are likely to affect more men than women and to affect men at a younger age. Men should also recognize the impact of their health to the quality of their own and their family’s lives and take responsibility for timely seeking of the necessary health services. The private health sector is increasingly realizing the value of men in the African health system and is introducing more men-centred health solutions and innovations in the healthcare continuum. Through research, education, development, and provision of diagnosis and treatment services for men, the private sector is working tirelessly to improve men’s health outcomes in Africa.

Africa Men’s Health 2022


About AHBS

The Africa Health Business Symposium (AHBS) is a pan-African conference that sits at the heart of the African healthcare scene. Via AHBS, AHB has set the pace towards constructive working relationships between the public and private sector, creating a more enabling environment for the private health sector on the African continent.The Africa Health Business Symposium (AHBS) on Men’s Health aims to bring together policy makers, MedTech and pharmaceutical industry, financiers, and healthcare providers for a detailed series of plenary sessions to discuss key issues including partnerships and solutions towards positively influencing men’s health. AHBS VII will be a full-day highly interactive hybrid event, in Nairobi, allowing both in-person and virtual participation, welcoming eminent health experts, business leaders, government officials, and development partners to discuss, share information and provide lessons learned on key areas focussed on improving men’s health in Africa.

Healthcare Champions Attending

Dr. Jelita Chinyonga

Dr. Jelita Chinyonga

Director Performance Improvement, Ministry of Health, Zambia
Dr. Joseph Okware

Dr. Joseph Okware

Director Health Services (Governance and Regulation), Ministry of Health, Uganda

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