Dr. Josea Rono

Co-founder, E&K Consulting Firm

Dr. Josea Rono

Co-founder, E&K Consulting Firm


Dr. Josea Rono is an entrepreneur and a recognized thought leader in Global Health & Healthcare Businesses. He has advised on healthcare transactions (mergers and acquisitions) worth over US$ 20 Billion, developed strategies for healthcare businesses worth over US$160 Million and advised several healthcare programs in Africa and Europe.

Dr. Rono is a co-founder at E&K Consulting Firm, a research and advisory firm providing turnkey solutions in the healthcare, finance and technology sectors in Africa. He has held advisory and consultancy positions at: Novartis; Equity Group Foundation (EGF); Abt Associates; United Nations Development Fund (UNDP); Business Call to Action (BctA); International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI); and at the Ministries of Health (MoH) of several African governments.

Dr. Rono has 10+ years’ expertise in: healthcare business strategy development; public-private partnerships (PPP); health policy and finance; and management consulting in the public, private, NGO & academic sectors in Africa and Europe.

Examples of Dr. Rono’s impact in Africa and Europe are:

-Mergers & Acquisitions: Advised on a successful three-part asset swap between two global pharmaceutical companies valued at over $20 Billion.

-Healthcare Business Strategy:

Advised a global consulting firm on pharmaceuticals market trends & best go-to-market models in the African market.

Advised a leading bank and foundation on business models for a large-scale franchised healthcare business.

-Public-private partnerships (PPPs): Designed 4 large-scale PPPs in Europe & Africa involving African governments, global pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions.

-Health Financing: Served as a principal applicant in financing engagements between a global pharmaceutical company and the European Commission in Europe.

Dr. Rono’s work has attracted several awards. He has won a Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Silver Medal; a Wellcome Trust PhD Fellowship; and several awards from the Karolinska Institute and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Dr. Rono earned his Ph.D. from Karolinska Institute in Sweden and is an alumnus of University of Washington, USA.